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20 hours on Bonaire

Bonaire, the middle island of the Dutch Caribbean ABC islands. Aruba is smaller, Curacao is bigger. In terms of location, Bonaire is the island on the right. 294 square kilometers and some 19,000 inhabitants. Tight blue skies and white beaches. A pearl in the Caribbean sea.

It was no punishment when my husband unexpectedly had to go to Bonaire and Aruba via Curacao on the 30st of December. Certainly not because I was allowed to travel with him. We were on Bonaire only 20 hours. Time enough to dine peacefully with our feet spuddle in the sand, sleep a good night and view the island in one morning thanks to the car we could borrow from a colleague.

Bonaire. Small, quiet and atmospheric. That is what I noticed in those 20 hours. Flamingos, Cacti, colors and salt. 3 species of flamingos can also be seen in lake Grevelingen in Zeeland, where we live, but seeing the Caribbean Flamingos on Bonaire was a big wish of mine. For this you have to go to the Goto lake in the Northwest. The ride takes you along the west coast of Bonaire. Blue sea, white beaches and lots of green. Cacti especially. The road is paved and you hardly ever see a car.

The Goto lake is big. In the background hills, or call it mountains. It is just what you are used to. The flamingos walk quietly through the water in search of food and do not care about the single visitor who parked his car along the edge of the lake. They are dark pink. A beautiful sight against the dark blue sky, caused by the rain coming. You know, sometimes it rains even on Bonaire.

From the Goto lake we drive via Rincon town to the northeast side of the island. It is spacious and green. We only have 4 hours to see the whole island.

We cross the island to arrive in the south at Lac Cai and the Lac Bay bar. A paradise for windsurfers. We drink a cup of coffee and relax a while. We enjoy what we see. Not only to the many sweet colors of the bar and the speed of the surfers, but especially to the cute yellow / black birds that sit on the table and empty a sugar bag that you hold in your hand. Cheeky as they are they pick up all the sugar from you. The name of the bird, how could it be otherwise, is the Little Yellow Crook.

After Lac Cai we drive through to the south along the salt mines. Famous for the bright pink colors and the large mountains of white salt on the side. We pass the slave houses, but we simply do not have time to stop. Huge rain showers are coming down and it is almost Dutch weather. The strange thing is that it is still hot outside. The windows of our borrowed car canít close so we get wet and we feel the heat at the same time. Kralendijk city is in sight again and what remains is bringing the car back, changing clothes and going to the airport. Through to Aruba to celebrate the turn of the year there. January 2 we fly back home via Curacao. A trip of 5 flights in 4 days. Tired, though. But also a special experience to explore the 2 islands with a lightning visit and to celebrate New Year's Eve in Caribbean style. Meanwhile, hubby just did his job, but I'm not going to say anything about that.


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