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Gambia dreams

In our modern world there is so much to choose that we are inclined to want everything. If you live in a country where there is nothing to choose, you have to start thinking about what you would like. A country like Gambia is such a country where there is little to choose. And that is what makes this country so special >>>

20 hours on Bonaire

Bonaire, the middle island of the Dutch Caribbean ABC islands. Aruba is smaller, Curacao is bigger. In terms of location, Bonaire is the island on the right. 294 square kilometers and some 19,000 inhabitants. Tight blue skies and white beaches. A pearl in the Caribbean sea. It was no punishment when my husband unexpectedly >>>

Mary Who?

Imagine, the early 1800's in Dorest, UK. A lady called Mary Anning is searching for fossils on the beach, like we do currently. Mary was born in a poor family and after example of her father she was a fossil hunting to earn some money buy selling the fossils to tourists. Mary Anning was good. She is the one who found >>>

Stonemen in Lisbon

The best way to discover a city is with a local. This summer I was on Holiday with my family at the Algarve Coast in Portugal and my friend Ana who is born and raised in Lisbon invited us to visit here beautiful city. And so we did. In August the temperature can be over 40 degrees celcius, so we were lucky only to defy 37 degrees >>>

Dutch Pyramid

ho ever visited The Netherlands knows about the Amsterdam Canals, the red light district and presumably about Giethoorn, the village known as Venice of the Netherlands. But did you know we have a real Pyramid in the Netherlands? This Pyramid is 36 meters high and made of earth in 1804 by soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte >>>

The wrong side of Cologne

Cologne is not German. Cologne is Kölsch. The beer is Kölsch. The mentality is Kölsch. The language is Kölsch. It is a mix of German, Dutch and French. If you live in Kerkrade, Netherlands, you seem to be able to understand Kölsch. I am looking for the wrong side of Cologne, Schal-Sick. Cologne has had a good and bad side >>>

The secrets of Warsaw

During the preparation of my trip to Warsaw, I read on the internet several times that it would be a cheerles city. Unfriendly people and an unpleasant atmosphere. Warsaw has a history. During the Second World War, the city was almost completely bombed and many Jewish residents were deported and killed. In the years after the war >>>

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