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Dutch Pyramid

Who ever visited The Netherlands knows about the Amsterdam Canals, the red light district and presumably about Giethoorn, the village known as Venice of the Netherlands. But did you know we have a real Pyramid in the Netherlands?

The Pyramid of Austerlitz

This Pyramid is 36 meters high and made of earth in 1804 by soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Period in The Netherlands. It is build on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, translated as the hills of Utrecht. As you know, there are no real hills or mountains in The Netherlands, but this point is one of the highest points in this area. On top there is an Obelix build in 1894.

The Pyramid is inspired on the Pyramid of Gizeh and was ment to defend the area against British attacks. The building was completed in 27 days.

You can climb the Pyramid by stairs and walk around the obelix. The area of the pyramid is surrounded by forest for beatiful hikes, a restaurant, a playground and a visitors centre. There are 5 indicated hiking routes and 4 indicated bike routes.

For more information take a look at www.pyramidevanausterlitz.nl (Dutch).
If you want to go with a guide, please contact Wandelfreaks.com


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