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Mary Who?

Imagine, the early 1800's in Dorest, UK.
A lady called Mary Anning is searching for fossils on the beach, like we do currently. Mary was born in a poor family and after example of her father she was a fossil hunting to earn some money buy selling the fossils to tourists. Mary Anning was good. She is the one who found the first Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurus.

A few weeks ago, when we were fossil hunting at the Jurassic Coast, we saw a lady dressed in a old fashion cotton trousers and shirt with lace. She was Climbing the mud avalanches and here nose was almost hitting the mud. It was cold, but she has no coat or sweater. She was searching for fossils. This was Mary Anning. No doubt about it. While we were overdressed with coats and rain jackets, she was wearing hardly nothing. It must be like this in the 1800's. A poor lady hunting for fossils and becomming the most famous female fossil hunter and paleontologist of that century. What a great story.

Photo: http://www.literarylyme.co.uk

A film about the life of Mary Anning is recording at the Jurassic Coast and will be published in 2018. What we saw was a scene from the film. For us a experience to see how it must have been in the 1800's. The beaches of the Jurassic Coast were flooded by fossils, but nobody collected them. Untill the day they found out tourists were willing to pay money for the fossils. Currently hundreds of people are fossil hunting at the Jurassic Coast. And we are part of them.

More info about the film: http://www.imdb.com


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